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60 minutes

A bespoke training session for 2-4 people who wish to train together or in a small, close-knit group doing a specialised fitness activity of their choosing. Sessions can be constantly varied to always keep it fresh and interesting or incorporated into a programme designed to achieve a given fitness goal such as strength, cardio-vascular work capacity or sport-specific training.

 You tell us what you want! 

We design and deliver the training session at your chosen date and time.

Enjoy working out with friends/family?

Small Group Training is perfect for those who prefer group vs solo training.

Want to do your own training using our space and equipment?

No problem! Just contact us to confirm equipment and space availability, book a time slot and

we'll be on hand to advise and assist throughout your session.

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*POLITE NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS - bookings must be made online via the booking system. Please see information here about our location and facilities. Times and dates are subject to change and we endeavour to give reasonable notice regarding any changes or cancellations.