If you are genuinely serious about wanting to improve your strength, fitness and nutritional choices then there really is no realistic alternative to personal training (PT).  Why is this?  Well, you have to look at the alternatives but first ask yourself a few questions:



The average cost of Personal Training in the UK in 2021 outside of London is approx. £40 per session per hour and can easily rise to £70-80 in some more “exclusive” locations.


This is not cheap or even affordable for most people. When you consider that to get meaningful and visible results you will really need to be training a minimum of 3 times per week it becomes a whole lot more unaffordable!  We believe that PT should be affordable for all, and that if more people can get access to it then it can simultaneously provide the great results that most clients want, and also fuel a successful business model.

Our pricing reflects this policy as we do not charge a fixed hourly rate for PT.  With us the more you do the less you pay!


1 Session per week £22.49 per person per session

2 sessions per week £17.49 per person per session

3 sessions per week £14.99 per person per session

The above price is for 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 person training.  For more information on Small Group Training (3-4 clients), please click here.



To answer this we come back to the alternatives to PT which when we look at it are:


Train myself VS attend Fitness Classes. Let's look at training yourself, consider these questions:

  • Do I have the knowledge and experience to put together a 12-16 week progressive program that will get me at least close to my overall goals? 


  • Has what I’ve tried before worked for me?  Do I definitely know it will work this time?  Have my goals changed since last time?

  • Did i know how to assess my exercise technique and how to progress myself at the right time and in the right way?

  • Was there a qualified and experienced person there to ensure I trained safely and effectively?

  • Did I keep a consistent and accurate log of my progress so that I knew exactly what to do in my next workout?


Now, let's look at Fitness Classes.


By their very nature fitness classes are a group activity and therefore can never be as personalized as PT.  It is simply too difficult and cumbersome to monitor and track the detailed progress of a large number of clients whilst at the same time ensuring safe and consistent technique.


Classes are great for those who really just want to gain and maintain a good general level of “fitness” as opposed to develop serious levels of strength and/or other more specific goals.  Classes are often shorter in duration and almost always cheaper than PT so they suit those who have less time and money to spend on their training.


To reap the benefits possible for PT clients, classes would have to utilize more instructors, more equipment and more time.  At this point they would no longer really be classes at all!


In summary most fitness classes fulfil the role of “on the go” training.  Drop in, get your burn and leave!  Still a great option if that’s your situation but definitely not the “Gold Standard” and less effective if you have more specific goals.

We hope the above has given you food for thought and made it easier to choose which of our services best suits your situation and your finances?


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